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Research Sources

Thanks to Rod Gebhard for his continuous updates and who is doing a lion’s work in his research as well as Paul Vorster for providing valuable inputs into the Maartens/Martens/Vorster linkages. Interesting detail was also included from Eric Martens' page on FB. Our latest contribution is from Andrew Harty in Australia who provided good information on the Martens/Harty/Harris linkages and also included the diary of his great-grandfather, Hendrick Jacobus Thomas Martens',  second wife. The reading is spellbinding. Thanks also to my son-in-law, Robin Dixon, for taking time off his job at Google Amsterdam to acquire copies of Joachim Heinrich's original VOC documentation at the VOC Archives in Den Haag.

Searchable Data
  1. Church of Latter Day Saints searchable database.

  2. British Concentration Camps of the South African War 1900-1902, by Elizabeth van Heyningen.

  3. Cape Master Death Notice Index Project - by Adelbert Semmelink.

  4. The Orange Free State Estate Files 1951-1973 - Church of Latter Day Saints

  5. Cape NGK Church Registers Transcripts, Church of Latter Day Saints Web Site.

  6. Cape Town Baptisms. Gendata web site.

  7. German South African Resource Page, by Joachim Schubert

  8. Church Register transcripts, a project in progress, the eGGSA branch of the GSSA.

  9. First Fifty Years Project, A project to transcribe and make available copies of records relating to individuals who lived at the Cape during the first decades of the settlement after 1652, by Delia Robertson

  10. Gravestones in South Africa, a combined project between the eGGSA branch of the GSSA and the GSSA Cemetery Recording Project.

  11. Inventories of the Orphan Chamber of the Cape of Good Hope.

  12. Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope - the TANAP project

  13. South African Settlers.

  14. South Africa War Graves Project, by Ralph McLean.

  15. Stellenbosch Death and Burial Registers.


Dutch East India Company (VOC):

  1. Haags Gemeentearchief (The Hague).

  2. De VOC Site, an alphabetical list of ships with dates and voyages, as well as other material, including descriptions of the various types of ships in use

  3. The Dutch East India Company, Dutch-Asiatic Shipping 1595-1795 , including an Overview of Voyages and a database searchable by, among others, Ship's name and place and date of departure and arrival

  4. TANAP study of VOC archives

  5. VOC employees, searchable database

  6. VOC links



  1. The Natal Who's who: An Illustrated Biographical Sketch Book of Natalians (1906)

  2. South African genealogies – GISA

  3. Die Stamouers COETZEE and nageslagte Herdenkingsuitgawe – N.A.Coetzee.

  4. Voortrekkerstamouers 1835 – 1845 – Jan C. Visagie

  5. Families, Familiename en Familiewapens – J.A.Heese, C.S.Nienanber and C. Pama

  6. Die Groot Afrikaanse Familie-naamboek – C.Pama

  7. Genealogiee van die Afrikaner Families in Nata – Prof. Ben Cilliers.

  8. Hulle was daar…Die Slag van Bloedrivier 16 Des. 1838 – Voortrekkermonument – Reeks nr. 2.

  9. Die Wereldboek van Martens – Halberts Family Heritage.



  1. Genealogical Society of South Africa – eGGSA

  2. Genealogical Institute of South Africa – GISA (Stellenbosch)



National Archives of South Africa: Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Pietermaritburg plus all their searchable databases.


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