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Testing User's ability to blog

Wed, 03/14/2012 - 12:42 -- Visitor (not verified)

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Submitted by mm on

Great Stuff !!!

Submitted by carol on

i cannot get onto tree but it all looks smashing - what a labour of love - thank you - when i get some savvy i hope to be able to see it all!! xxx

Submitted by hmartens (not verified) on

All you do is click on the tree and then it will ask you for a password, type the password that is listed below the tree and not your own user's password.

Hope you get it working ;)

Submitted by carol on

thank you i just changed my browser and voila you all here!! great stuff - dewald must i add our info as cannot see it yet? have a great week end

Submitted by admin on

My thanks to Corne Keller who provided a lot of clarification around the interpretations I made on Joachem's documentation in the early years 1747 to 1756. The section "Patriarchs" has now been updated.

Submitted by CLIFFMARTIN1958 on

Hi  i am looking for for information of the Martin family from rustenburg early to pre 2nd world war period owned a bakery and bottling operation in the town
son was Edgar Martin  married Zipporah  Abrahamsom / Markson  from Zeerust whose parents where also bakers after marring 
they moved to Johannesburg and had 2 sons Geoffery (80) and Thor (deceased) +-12 years ago

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