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Thu, 03/19/2015 - 20:41 -- Hennieh

Hi Dewalt,
Thank you very much for all your hard work. My name is Sheila Harris - Homann, daughter of Magdelena Hurter who were married to William Dudley Harris. My details have wrongly being put under my Dad's first wife Christina Snyman's name. Magdelena had two sons and two daughters nl Sheila, Claudia, Henry and Kenneth. Sheila was married to At van Huissteden, with an only child namely Alex Adriaan van Huissteden with two children Adriaan and Jesca van Huissteden, , but got divorced. I Later  married Hendrik Jacobus Homann. We have two chidren Hein Homann and Charlene Homann.
I hope you can change that on the family tree.
Sheila(Harris) Homann


Submitted by admin on

Hi Sheila
Thanks for the input and corrections. The changes have been made and should be visible at the update of the website in September.
I would also appreciate it if you can provide me with some dates (birth/marriage/death) for the people you know. My email address is
Kind regards

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